The fictionalized life of the Red Baron
by Valerie Pointet

Valérie Pointet, author, is a childhood friend who did a real job as a documentalist to produce this book, participating in a hundred speakers I know. A fictionalized biography where everything is true. Valérie has awakened many memories buried in me as well as dormant relationships…

Thank you Valerie.

Among these dormant relations, there was my dear friend Rémy JULIENNE who offered us his YES for the preface of the book, I am proud to let you discover it below :

Dear Eric, it is with pride that I preface your book which is offered to me, a book where we find the Barone that I know: playful, serious and, at the same time, who immediately impresses with an extraordinary personality, with his clear eyes, a look that inspires respect and the desire to know more about the character. In fact the nice rock!

Your name still unknown to the general public will soon appear after this same public will have learned of your exploits.

This book tells you with words that sing, by accompanying the stories of your future which says a lot about a desire to please and interest, by delivering you finds worthy of a scamp gifted with an imagination more than affirmed that would cheer up a patient.

We can guess under these whimsical exteriors that a funny character has been born and will leave no one indifferent.

Expecting a surprise still passes; to find myself in front of a bewildering feat that combines audacity, courage and imagination amazes me, I who have rubbed shoulders with the Gotha of the worst madness in the world in terms of performance. Yours, hurtling down a snowy descent on a mountain bike at almost 230 kilometers per hour.

To dare, to prepare, to implement such a sum of parameters, to identify the risks, to convince mountains of convinced people and companies with regulations to respect and to DO IT, all of this can only be the work of a madman or of a genius.

Having succeeded, we know the answer, Hats off to the Artist!

There are no words to illustrate controlled madness.

eric barone la chute
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Crédit photo © : Richard BORD | Marc REBUTTINI | Olivier LEBLOND | Alban PERNET | TAM TAM | Eric BARONE