Development of the bicycle in all its forms


Development of the bicycle in all its forms

Cycling is good for your health, it’s good for the planet

Tourism is a sector in perpetual “R” evolution. Its future remains difficult to predict as long as it is integrated by both economic and social elements, both international and local. What is certain is that cycling is positioned as the leader and that the tourist offer seems to be tending towards an optimization of full-inclusive field services.

Today the customer wants to live an experience alone, as a couple or as a family, with the fewest possible constraints within the framework of a trendy or even “full inclusive” service offer focused on well-being.

State mountain bike graduate, since 2004, I have specialized in the development of tourism on foot and by bike in Nicaragua, (a developing country). For 10 years in direct collaboration with the country’s Ministry of Tourism, we have developed a national and international offer by planning theme tours in roaming and full inclusive around the assets of this region of Central America: volcanoes, lakes, islands and the two seas, Caribbean and Pacific. Developing the same approach in France, a country of tourism, seems simpler, because we have all the assets for it; infrastructure, accommodation, crafts, agriculture, heritage, culture, and above all the image of an internationally recognized tourist country. The trend of the French market for the coming decade seems to tend towards this kind of themed tourist products. Consultant for audits, consulting in turnkey realization of tourist products, accompanies you in this market with strong economic potential; cycling in all its forms or hiking, is my wish. I am at the disposal of Communities of Communes, AGGLO, Departments, Regions, travel agencies and hotels, wishing to offer its customers a difference.

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Philosophy about cycling

According to a study carried out in Denmark, the country of cycling: people who ride muscle bikes (not electric bikes), in Copenhagen, have 1.1 million fewer sick days. Cyclists reduce their CO2 emissions by 20,000 tonnes per year on average. Every kilometer cycled instead of car means €1 gained in terms of health benefits.

This study shows that if all Danish cyclists did 10% more muscle cycling on an annual basis, an additional health gain would be quite surprising:

  • 267,000 fewer sick days.
  • 6% less traffic congestion in major cities.
  • DKK 1.1 billion saved in the public healthcare system.

    In Denmark, a cycle highway is being developed…

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