Julien Brunet & Eric Barone

Julien Brunet high level sportsman


My name is Julien Brunet, I am 32 years old.
I have cerebral palsy (CMI).
I was born very premature, in Bourg en Bresse.

When I was a child, I was educated in the ordinary school, helped from kindergarten to CM2 by auxiliaries
of school life. I was happy in this school.

Then comes the time of the institution.

Despite ups and downs, I remember the Richard Foundation where I learned verbal communication and
discovered the world of Handisport.

I have always had this strength and this desire to always go further, the need to go beyond my limits. I am
physically limited if we stick to the appearance, but mentally I move mountains on a daily basis.

My condition as a dependent, who cannot always decide about his life, has allowed me to develop this strength of character in order to have a house, an apartment accompanied by my carers who 24 hour relay.

I became a kind of small business owner.
….And this since 2015.

Julien Brunet
Julien Brunet
Julien Brunet
Julien Brunet



It all started in 1994, at the age of 5, my parents needed to change vehicles, it was then that the Bande à Julien
was born and that I met Éric Barone dit t le Baron Rouge during a cycling sporting event
La Forestière, a long-distance mountain bike race born in the Haut Jura.

At the time Eric was already European and World Downhill Mountain Bike Champion,
he very quickly became the godfather of my association.

Over the years that followed, Eric managed numerous world record attempt projects.
speed on land and on snow by mountain bike, until this famous record still valid of 227.72 km/h
carried out on March 18, 2017 on this legendary speed ski slope from Chabrières to VARS (Hautes Alpes).

At the same time, Eric having integrated me into these projects of world speed records by bicycle,
here we go on the hunt for speed records in piloted Dualski (wheelchair with skis).

Always looking for a project to surpass myself, in 2013, I asked Eric if he would be in
to accompany me in my quest for speed records with a gliding device named DUALSKI
(a chair on skis and piloted). Éric was a rescue tracker, he very quickly integrated this particular piloting.

Thus, in April 2013, we achieved a world first at 145 km/h on the equally impressive track.
of the Launched Kilometer (KL) of Les Arcs. And then the sequel was the scene of many world record projects
of speed until 2017 on the mythical circuit of Chabrières in Vars by signing a time of 155.54 km/h,

During these years of sport together, we even set up an Indoor world first:
77.57 km/h on a very short synthetic track at the Snow Hall of Amnéville in Moselle “the walls”,
especially the one at the bottom, I saw it very, very closely! ….

Since 2017, the year of my last dualski pilot world speed record, Eric has accompanied me
on an IRONMAN project, inspired by the film “DeToute Nos Forces” by Nils TAVERNIER.
Éric had the role of behavior management in front of 3 teams;

  • My caregivers that I put in this project without asking their opinion.
  • The sports team, especially my friend for this IRONMAN, Benoit, professional firefighter who a family.
  • And my family.
    This enormous challenge, we achieved it in 2 stages over 4 years of physical and mental preparation
    instead of the 2 originally planned.
  • NICE IRONMAN in 2019 where we gave up because perhaps not prepared enough or/and in because of this famous heat wave. There were nearly 600 dropouts. And then the pandemic in 2020.
  • VICHY in 2021 where we went all the way with the FINISHER jersey.
    It was an incredible adventure with laughs, tears, failures and successes.
    Year in which I trained as a mental coach with the aim of offering my services
    to any type of person with a special need.


Julien Brunet
Julien Brunet



I leaned on a new sports project but by implementing to be more autonomous.
So I chose the SARBACANE which I have been practicing since September 2021.
At this stage, I am preparing for a selection with the objective of entering the French disabled team.
of SARBACANE. This path goes through a pre-selection and a French Championship, with the objective
to make a podium.

This path of life as a high-level and extreme athlete has mobilized dozens of people from my
entourage and this for years, (professionals, friends, family), and brought together thousands of people,
spectators on events, conferences and sporting events, but also, other associations
like the TDF (Tour de France), the Sports Trophy in my region where I am often invited.