Of course, you know this atypical and self-taught champion! Eric Barone made a remarkable entry into the world of downhill mountain biking at the age of 34, where after only 8 competitions he joined the French team and became French, European and World champion the same year. At the same time, he embarked on mountain biking and during than 2 decades under the aegis of his company, managed with his team of ambitious projects of world speed records for cycling on snow and dirt (volcanoes) in France and internationally.

In parallel with these ambitious projects, Eric has carried out a good number of interventions in companies: health coaching, conferences, the organization of seminars and tourism development advice for territorial institutions and travel agencies.

Today these interventions have become the very heart of its profession with a strong tendency to integrate a notion of health through prevention in each of them.

A physical trainer, Eric knew how to prepare himself physically and mentally for his exploits and even rebuild himself after a serious accident in life.

Discover this accident of life: My Chaos – My rebirth.

Transposing his extensive experience in physical and mental preparation by offering his services to company directors, employees and individuals seemed obvious to Éric in this modern world where burn-out rhymes with accidents in life.

For Eric life must be thought as a discipline if one wishes to age in good physical and mental health. He does not talk about sport, but about a lifestyle daily joint and muscular. Once we know what to do and why we do it everything becomes clearer

Changing our behavior to maintain good health is also a form of success in this world where there is a lot of dangers.

This is why he created an educational approach to a lifestyle model, a real method of physical preparation related to life, unique, simple and fast 20 minutes / day with the aim of gaining years of healthy life.

Every year, Eric motivates hundreds of people in business and in the private sector, by passing on this educational approach to a lifestyle model that can improve your health and even gain years of healthy life. This high-level athlete did not become a coach and speaker by chance:  an entrepreneur throughout his sporting career, life accident, reconstruction, recovering and resilience, he knows very well the path to health that allows you to be in YOUR physical performance and mental over time.

It weaves judicious parallels between the challenges of society and sustainable health in life, in sport and in business.

It weaves judicious parallels between the challenges of society and sustainable health in life, in sport and in business. Nelson Mandela

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