Eric Barone


Éric Barone performs stunts with Rémy Julienne for cinema, television series and films by Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme:

  • A day before dawn in 1994
  • The City of Lost Children in 1995
  • Taxi in 1998
  • Taxi 2 in 2000
  • Mountaineer
  • Lucia in 2014

He is the stuntman of the “Taxi” film series. He is the one who performs all the stunts on a scooter in “Taxi 1”, in particular the pursuit in Marseilles, the hand jump over the handlebars and the famous backward somersault, a world premiere in cinema, doubling Sami Naceri. It is he again who doubles Silvester Stalone in “Taxi 3” and who does all the mountain bike chases and the acrobatics of the credits.

He is the one who performs the scooter stunts in Adidas advertising alongside Zidane, Beckam, Raoul and Del Pierot in Seville.

eric barone la chute
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