Quantified media coverage of Eric BARONE by the Corporate REVOLUTIONR agency in 2017 following the world record and the construction of this new snow cycling discipline:  

150,464,200: Eric Barone’s Press Relations team generated more than 150 million views in France.

1h10 + 51mn: The presence of Eric BARONE in TV and Radio combined is 2h…

29: Number of TVs

107: The general and sports press echoed Eric BARONE’s 2017 challenge, thus reaching the French target several times.

16: Number of Radios

193: Web Articles

€1,018,262 pub equivalent


What has Éric Barone been doing since his last world record set on March 18, 2017?

The launch of a new sporting discipline approved by the world house of cycling UCI:

  •  Descent
  • Super-G
  • Cross bike
  • Hiking and test To introduce the general public to the practice of mountain biking on snow.

2018/19 Creation of a cycling snow garden concept “Garden alpin Snow Bike.

2019/20 Creation of an innovative new generation Spa concept “Outdoor Spa intended for low and medium mountains including health through prevention.

2020/21 Creation of a method of physical preparation linked to his life.


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