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I have often been asked to coach people and to accompany them so they live their lives better.I’ve coached heads of companies, managers, sports people, stressed out students preparing exams, people in rehabilitation, people looking for something new in their lives, elderly people, etc.

From all these experiences, I’ve learned that beyond any physical preparation, different methods or techniques, what is important is to know the client’s environment to be able to respond to his/her demand. I just wish to be fair and sincere with each client before starting a specific program. Otherwise, this approach wouldn’t make any sense. For me each client must feel privileged and trust in me.

The dimension of well-being that I propose goes a step further. At the same time it’s simpler with more results as it targets 2 spheres of life: personal/professional.


Physical preparation linked to a lifestyle.
Accompanying the personal development.


Physical preparation linked to the job.
Optimizing the performance with a better knowledge of oneself.

For these2 segments of clientele, the overall approach stays the same; to trace a path of well-being in the largest sense.

My work is to awaken the consciousness and to intervene at the roots of our lifestyles by proposing help targeted at limiting our physical and moral stumbling blocks.

These come from stress, pressure at work, tendinitis, pain, fatigue from an inappropriate physical training or more seriously, such as burn out or even suicide.

Whether it is a personal of professional demand, the steps to trace a path of personal well-being are the following:

1 Step : To be motivated and to accept the effort necessary for change.
2 Step : To meet to establish a life diagnostic and to discover the methods or techniques to put in place.
3 Step : To establish a specific program, even a scenario that can evolve so that it can be fun every day.
4 Step : To help the client follow his/her program and it adapt it if necessary.
5 Step : To have a regular follow-up either face to face or by other means of communication until the client is autonomous.

The global physical training takes into account 6 articulating points:

Scapular Belt
Trunk (Power house)
Pelvic Belt

Global mental training takes into account 6 points:

Associated movements
Saving energy
Letting go
Accepting change

To follow a person so he/she can live his/her commitment in an adapted context, have this person discover new interests, passions or eye-openers such is the goal of my method.

The technical and mental tools exist!