Management and Leadership in Extreme Sports World, “Going Beyond Records”

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Leadership and Management in the Extreme Sports World
What are our limits?

This is the inspiring life story of a self-made man, sportsman and head of a company who has evolved outside the beaten track for more than 20 years in extreme environments, humanly speaking and financially, using his technical expertise. His great experience in developing new projects each year has given him this exceptional motivation to always push forward in order to progress. Commitment, life threatening accident, coming back, restarting at zero, thinking out of the box, reaching one’s potential, change; these are a few of the words that define Eric Barone’s experiences.
Going for unique performances which each year are put in question requires a quick evaluation of the value of these projects and the sense given to them. In this short lived environment, a certain style of leadership and management is needed, one that can adapt to the stakes and remain open, well meaning, creative and responsible. Changing his way of thinking, creating a tribe and developing collective harmony are Eric’s rules in each of his projects.
A potential which exists in all of us can only be activated by a change in behavior and a different way of thinking. What better proof than at 57 years old, the ultimate Mountain Bike World Record at 227.72 km/h!
This conference is proposed in solo by Eric Barone or in partnership with: Marc Amerigo
where Mr Michel Rougier*

*Teaching at business and management schools, working with large groups (LAGARDERE Group, La Dépêche du Midi, Immo de France, Crédit Mutuel, Technal, Square Habitat, Crédit Agricole, Milan Presse, La FNAIM, ORPI, MARS) …. And also with many SMEs.
Co-creator of the sales method “funnel”.
Trained in coaching by John GRINDER (NLP Co-Founder).

Key points
of the conferences

Accepting to go out of your comfort zone in order to discover other performance paths is the first key.This seems obvious, but only if you accept to acquire experience and grow with it. By putting your skills and emotional connection in perspective, you can redirect all of your potential and have an impact on even a complex environment in order to find harmony, pleasure and performance.

Our beautiful human machine has also its own limits.