From chaos to rebirth

Eric Barone > From chaos to rebirth



My chaos is today my strength. My rehabilitation was an encyclopedia of knowledge and an amazing experience. It took me 8 years to come back to a level of performance and to free my positive energy. I needed to find how to stop the pains I experienced every morning in my body and, consequently, in my mind. This was blocking me from finding my past potential and my indestructible side. Movement saved me by difference techniques and by listening to my body and my energies. I didn’t even know I could feel these things!

One day a surgeon told me, “I can’t do anything more for you.” This meant: stay like you are and live with it! At 42, that’s not too bad! This was a wake up call for me. As a physical trainer these sort of words seemed like a good analysis of my body and an opportunity to react differently. I knew other paths existed to reach my goals. The surgeon’s short visioned judgment gave me wings to see further and today I thank him!

This physical rehabilitation opened the path for me to certain martial arts and other techniques such as Pilates, Intensive and Gravity which improved my health. Today thanks to my experience I have become sensitive to a person’s posture when I first see someone. This is due to my past suffering with my own posture.

In developed countries, life goes too fast and many people suffer from this, accident or no accident.They compensate unconsciously in their life as if all was normal and just continue to live like that.

But that’s not right!

Are we unaware of our own disability?

This is the opposite of disabled people who are only too aware of their disability! Seeing this had led me to think about a ‘life training’ linked to work or lifestyle. It’s important to recognize the difference between physical activity and physical training and not to confuse the two. Why are athletes the only ones who have the privilege to train themselves?

Much needs to be done, it’s a huge world project in developed countries with work for many, savings for companies and government health agencies. Our wonderful human machine is a gift to humanity and we need to take care of it!