World record beaten!

Eric Barone > 2017 – World record beaten ! 227,72 km/h

2017: The last tentative for the mountain bike world speed record on snow.

March 18, 2017, an amazing morning!

5:15 am Briefing with Marc and me with all the teams before going up on the snow groomer. I announced to all, after the tests and the problems solved from the day before, that it would happen today and not tomorrow!

5:45am At the foot of the slope KL, the time keeping station and a part of the teams got off the snow groomers to see a scene of devastation, the wind had carried away the mechanical paddock. We feared for the worst at the top.

6:15 am At the summit of 2,750 m. altitude, the second part of the teams took their positions (cameramen, photographers, ski slope service, technicians and manager). No damage. Relief!

After having gone to the starting point where some members of my team were busy getting all ready, I started entering into my mental preparation connected to my breathing. I got back into the snow groomer because it was cold, very cold and the wind reminded me of 2015, but, unfortunately, without the sun as the sky was covered. A white out day, a certain handicap, unfortunately! My departure was planned for 7:30, an hour when the sun covered all the slope, but today was a white out day so a bit less joy energy-wise. I needed to concentrate and let go of this weather problem and focus on the action.

7:30 am Marc asked me to come to the departure point. The bike was already in place and all the members of my team were ready, all looked good which reassured me and helped to improve my concentration. Nobody moved, I felt it and saw it and I was once more facing my fate, something I had so wanted and worked on in this project. I concentrated on my breathing. I looked at the horizon. I was in my own world.

7:40 am Marc looked at me, no sound came out of his mouth. We were now communicating by the eyes. I blinked to say, “Ok, I was ready to go.” I took 3 deep breaths, exhaling like an animal. Marc said, “Ready, 3,2,1 Go!”

After about 1km of braking, I saw a ski slope supervisor and Fred, the mechanical engineer, arrive on a scooter announcing, “227.72, Eric!”
I said, “What! Really! 227!”
I couldn’t believe it myself. I was proud of myself and my teams. 227.72 km/h,
what a great ending for a career! If the slope had been smoother on the quickest part, it was 230 for sure! The way was open for my replacement because this record was beatable in the state….. But for the moment, I enjoy the victory with my teams….

Off I went. The first part of the run up to the boulder was completely under control. The second part was more difficult in maintaining and increasing the speed. I was pulled to the right and almost ran over the pennants on the outside of the slope. I corrected my trajectory and went back to the slope’s axis, but over a mogul field. It was a rough ride, but my warrior concentration helped me hold on.
As I arrived between the cells where the time keeping is carried out, the compression was so strong that I was literally thrown sideways by the rear of the bike. I could even see my rear wheel beside me which reminded strangely of the compression in Nicaragua on the Volcano 2002 just before the bike broke. I held on, fighting to stay on the bike and it worked!

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